=> Hey PaRty PeePz

Not Many will kn0w what Digital vs Vinyl is All ab0ut .. so0o Let us breAk it d0wn to y0u …

DiGital vs Vinyl staRted out in October 2011, in Aid of Raising fuNdz for a grOup of Studentz. Now the Questi0n everyone is asking one anoTher is why call it Digital vs Vinyl???

Well taking it back now, Vinyl has come a long way since the earlier 1830’s and All the Dj’s that plays at these eventz, started out as a Vinyl DJ and it is their PasSion to play for their crowed. Not only d0 our DJ’z play Vinyl, but we g0t some of thee Finest Digital DJz in the Mother City giving y0u their everythiNg..and thats when we decided let’s bRing the Old Scho0l Back, mixing it with the DiGital side of thingz i.e y0ur Controllerz .. Deckz etc and that’s where the Lo0ove ♥ of the PLay All stArted and that’z where DiGital vs Vinyl was Born.

So0o to give y0ur b0Dy a g0o0od Time at our Party’z .. Keep y0ur Eyez on the PaGe.. Body on the Dance-flo0or and ur Earz Earph0nez free, N0t to MissSs out on the NEXT specTacular Hit blowing PaRty to hit y0ur sh0re ♫♪♫